Inexpressibles by the Inexpressibles

from by Black Ass Humans of the Neon Future

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These brown cords weren't always mine
My old roomie mischa left them behind
a little short on me but they don't need a belt
they give a nice breeze where my thigh's seldom felt
and the skinny ass jeans that my friends wear
I'll rock these inexpressibles till they're thread bare
it's the kinda shit that looks sick on boys and girls
so do your self a favor and get some brown corduroys

Thank you thank you Mischa
Nothing rhymes with Mischa
I'll get you something in return
how about a slice of pizza

They're the same shade of brown as my tennis shoes
I don't play tennis but if did I'd never lose
because I'd wear my cords for optimal thigh breeze
a nice pair of cords is what every guy needs
and I don't like the word cord for some reason
I'll try to figure out why as I sink so fucking deep into
the back of my mind into the very neuron's firing
I guess it doesn't matter after all
my brain has always had faulty wiring

Thank you thank you Mischa for these fine inexpressibles
I've had nice pairs before but these are incredible;e
if you need some thigh breezin' I'm never too far
I miss you Mischa wherever you are


from Shale Wperm, released October 22, 2013



all rights reserved


Black Ass Humans of the Neon Future Louisville, Kentucky

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